Thursday, September 15, 2005

Coffee & TV

Applied for the library job today...

So anyway - Coffee & TV. Well not really. Actually this is about Coffee versus Tea. But "Coffee & TV" is a mighty fine Blur tune so thought I'd mention it in passing.
So Coffee is great. Strong coffee. Instant is OK - as long as its freeze dried - and not granulated crap - especially nothing "mellow". Stuff bought from cheapo supermarkets, with any chicory content at all should be thoroughly avoided. As should anything that is decaffeinated. Black is good - but stains your mug, And your teeth. Black is also good if you're student and can't put the effort in to buy any milk. White is good if the coffee is cheap.
Coffee is good if you sit beside a computer looking for inspiration all day. Its also good if you're walking around a cold zoo in the rain.
Don't understand people who don't drink coffee.
Caffeine however does make you - erm - perspire, so should be avoided if you're wearing, say a yellow silky shirt that will show it really obviously. Especially as you get older - as the effects seem to increase.
Tea is not good. Tea is boring. Tea is pretty rancid drunk black and only suitable for hangovers when drunk white. The whole tea process is so much more involved than nice straightforward coffee. Even if you're just putting your teabag in the cup and pouring water on, you then have to dispose of the tea bag. And yes you really do. DON'T just leave it in the sink you scumbag. That is foul.
Also milk first versus milk last - I am reliably informed that in the land of teabags it has to be milk last. If you put the milk in before the hot water, it prevents the teabag from diffusing properly you see...And its true - if you're still in the milk first land - it takes about 10 minutes longer for your tea to stew properly. Incidentally same person that told me that, also told me that if your polythene packaged sandwiches don't open easily its because the heat of the sealing do-da was too hot.
Coffee is great - tea is crap - may be worth mentioning that Weasel Coffee - which was a craze of gadget shops and websites sounds truly revolting and if anyone gets me any for christmas then they will be the first to have to try a cup. For those of you not in the know it is coffee regurgitated by weasels. Yeuch.
Also coffee is a must for anyone who ever knew anything about Agent Cooper and Twin Peaks...

A bit of coffee/tea background for the truly devoted - taken from
Coffee History:

"Coffee is native to Ethiopia and has been prepared as a hot drink in Arabic countries for centuries. Today, the two largest producers of coffee are Brazil and Colombia. All of the coffee produced comes from only two commercially viable plant species grown throughout the equatorial ribbon. Coffea arabica grows well at high altitudes and produces beans with delicate but complex flavours. These beans are lower in caffeine. Caffea robusta (or Canephora) grows well at lower elevations and produces beans with more neutral flavours. Caffea robusta beans are high in caffeine. "

Coffee Manufacture :
"After harvest, coffee beans are removed from the berries that encase them, dried, and shipped for roasting at their destination. The temperature and length of time coffee beans are roasted affect colour and flavour. (See section titled "Roasts.") A variety of beans are often mixed together to create different flavour blends.

For decaffeinated coffee, coffee beans are treated prior to roasting. There are two methods available. Caffeine may be removed by chemically extracting it with a solvent (which is rinsed away before the beans are dried) or by steaming the coffee beans and then scraping away the caffeine-rich outer layers.

Instant powdered coffees are the result of removing water from brewed coffee through drying.
Freeze-dried granules or crystals come from brewed coffee that is frozen to a slush. The water is then evaporated."

Tea Manufacture (deeply boring by comparison - obviously):
" There are two main methods of tea manufacture. The first is called Orthodox type of manufacture and the other is CTC (crushed-torn-curled) type. CTC grades are mostly granulated in appearance while orthodox grades are long particle or whole leaf type. Some factories are also equipped to manufacture Green Tea, though its production is limited. "

Hmm. writing about tea manufacture has made me tired. I'm off to bed. Night Night.

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