Friday, January 06, 2006

Xmas and New Year

Oooooooooooo. Mostly a sick one. Stayed with friends at Xmas. Fell off the wagon for the festive season - we all drank too much - except Lucy obviously. Played Eye toy games and went to bed at 3am. None of us were very human xmas day though our hosts very remarkably managed to cook.

Ed then got sick for the next two days and spent those in bed. By new year he'd recovered and we managed to stay up til midnight watching "Wedding Crashers" and "40 year old virgin". New Years day - both of us pretty ok but then the in laws arrived - we did a big present thing then set about the alcohol again and that wrote me off the next day all over again - but this time I'd got a cold with it - spent the next two days in bed. Spent the last 3 days staggereing around trying to be human - but been in bed by 8pm every night.

Anyway - it WAS a good festive season - but just a bit of a sick one!