Thursday, June 09, 2011

Happy 9th Dear Lucy

Lucy opened lots of cards this morning. My mum and dad sent her some Jacqueline Wilsin books and a hairband. She slept with her hair in plaits last night so it is wavy and she put her new hair band in to go to school today. We bought her some more books and a little lamp that clips on to her Sky bed so she canr ead easily at night time. She is off to school with a bag of sweeties to give to everyone in her class and we are going to have takeaway pizza and birthday cake for tea. Her money that Granny Mo sent has been paid into the bank so she has got license to play with the "build a bear" website tonight too. Auntie Mo, Auntie Judy and Auntie Lisa (and respective husbands) also sent cards too so she had lots to open.

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